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Video Blog: What The Horses Tell Us

January 26, 2012 · By Terry Finley · Share Blog Series:

Since horses cannot verbally talk to us, a Thoroughbred racing manager relies on signals, cues and messages horses send to people who are around them every day. In this video, I discuss how the WPT team uses information collected about a horse, their personalities, and physical characteristics to manage racehorses.


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thanks for an informative piece. Being in the business for quite a well I have found that one of the key words in all of this is the word "trust". Do you trust your trainer, vet, therapist, exercise rider, and groom to tell you the facts about each horse.
Very good piece - lots of info. thanks. do you usually use the same exercise rider on the same horse to gain more consistent feedback or do you very it to get different viewpoints?
Eric, thanks for stopping by. In general, the same exercise riders are riding for the same trainers. The same riders tend to gallop the same horses b/c they fit/know the horse, and they can report back to the trainers how the horse felt each day because they are familiar with the horse.
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