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Lindsey Heumann

Lindsey Heumann

What I Do at WPT:
I am responsible for the K1s, quarterly statements, and day-to-day accounting for the partnerships and overall Company. It is my goal to let the partners focus on the fun part of the business - going to the racetrack! I can honestly say that since I've joined the WPT team, no two days have been the same (which I love). I work on a wide range of things each day, from working with vendors, partners and racetracks to distributing sales documents, preparing accounting statements, and helping with tax returns.

Thoughts About My Job:
I grew up attending the races at Saratoga, watching the yearling sales, and being involved with horses of my own. It's an amazing feeling to know that I have been able to combine work with a life-long interest - few people can say this about their job. I learn new things every day I come to work - this includes things about horses, racing, and business in general.  I work with an amazing group of people and know I can always turn to one of them for help.

My Background:
I grew up in “the country" about 20 minutes outside of Saratoga Springs, where seeing a cow in the road was a regular occurrence.  

My parents got me involved with horses at the early age of 8. When I first started to ride, I had to stand on a chair to put the saddle on my horse because I was so small. It started with riding lessons and led to my horses still living in my parents' backyard - over 15 years later.

I was recruited to row at Syracuse University, but was injured my junior year and was forced to retire. I did earn a Big East Champion ring as a Freshman when I rowed in the Womens’ Varsity 8. While at Syracuse, I earned a B.S. in accounting from the Whitman School of Management and I was even in an accounting fraternity.

Prior to joining the West Point Team, I was an auditor. I moved to New York City to work for a public accounting firm after college. It took me less than six months to realize I did not belong in the City and needed to move back to the Saratoga area (I made it a point to be back before the Saratoga meet started). I then worked at a regional accounting firm in Albany, New York from the spring of 2007 through late 2010. While I was an auditor I worked on a variety of clients, including publicly traded companies, for-profit companies and not-for-profit organizations.

I acquired my CPA license in 2011 and since then I have been able to spend more time “living life.”