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Our Thoroughbred Trainers - Putting the Horse's Welfare First

An Important Key to Racing Partnership Success: Our Trainers

West Point Thoroughbreds employs only the finest horsemen in the industry, trainers who are committed to putting the horse's welfare first. We believe in the philosophy of "take care of the horse, and the horse will take care of us."

Our trainers deploy the best training regimens and resources available. Their goal is to position our horses for success. Many horse racing partnerships train their horses to race, while West Point Thoroughbreds trains their horses to win.

As members of the West Point Thoroughbreds team, our trainers accommodate the needs of our business and partnership ownership. They willingly share with clients their knowledge about the horses and the racing industry to provide a unique educational experience. Our trainers welcome clients with us to their barns in the mornings and in the paddock during the afternoons.