Calling All Young Professionals Interested in Racing / Thursday, February 1, 2018

“Racing needs to find a younger fanbase if the game is ever going to survive.” God, I am growing tired of hearing that line that is so coarsely slung around your local grandstand by the same curmudgeon who first uttered the phrase 40 years ago. Easily said but rarely ever in company with a solution. Maybe I could stomach it better if those same folks actually made an effort or a push for change. Well, I am young, and I’ve been a fan my whole life, but most of all I am in a position to at least try to make a change.

When Lindsey, Teal and I were given the green light to push forward with the Young Professionals Initiative, there was a palpable excitement in our conversation. All of us had put forth some great ideas on how we could make it work; now it was time to actually put it in motion. The idea was simple, a lower buy in and multiple horses. Something much more manageable for those just starting out in their professional careers.

I can confidently say as we sit here just two weeks from its launch that the response we have gotten has been above and beyond any of our expectations. As it turns out there is a younger fanbase, and they aren’t just content going to the track, they want to be a part of the big show as well. The investors we have found have all been uncovered at the events we’ve hosted. There’s still a large segment of potential YPI investors out there.

We know our Partners have family members who join them at the races and love what we do but may not be able to afford a normal stake in one of our horses. This is a call to those Partners with sons, daughters, nieces, nephews or family friends that love attending the summer meets and creating lifelong memories at the races. Let’s get them in the winners circle with the great group we have already tapped into. Not only is it an affordable chance at ownership but a new found experience we hope will become a staple of the West Point Thoroughbreds partnership model for years to come.

Contact me at if you’d like to attend our next young professionals event, held Tuesday, May 2 in New York City.

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