Entry 10 / Friday, February 6, 2009

A very interesting week in the racing world.  Each day that goes by the Derby Fever heats up all

A very interesting week in the racing world.  Each day that goes by the Derby Fever heats up all over the place…  There are about fifty owners around the world who think they have   "the goods" in their hands for the first Saturday in May.  West Point included……

Saw the first edition of "Jockeys" last night on the Animal Planet Channel.  Really interesting, real life look at a number of jockeys on the Southern Cal Circuit during Breeder's Cup month last fall.  The show will air for the next few weeks on Friday nights.  There is no doubt about it – jockeys are brave, brave souls.

We have six unstarted three year-old within 30 days of making their first starts.  Always fun to have unraced, young horses with talent in the barn.

We'll spend all next week at the Ocala Sales grounds scoping out prospects for the sale to be held on February 17th.  Take a look at the catalog at http://www.obssales.com/.  We'll see if, and to what degree, the training sales will fall this spring after seeing the yearling and broodmare markets fall by more than forty percent in the last two quarters.  My outlook is the average will fall but by a slightly less margin. 

That being said, I've told people far and wide, this is a great environment to own horses at the races.  For too many years, during surging sales average, the auction house executives would trumpet stunningly high sale prices as great, good for the business, blah, blah, blah…

Well, stupidly high prices at the sales year after year were great for everyone – except one group – the end user – who has to take horses to the races and attempt to earn purse money.

Well, the tide has turned – purses have held steady and purchase prices are way down.  That's a good thing for one group – the end user!!!

Needless to say we are pumped about our nice three year-old colt, Mr. Fantasy.  He could be a special one.  Take a look at a video we did on him recently.


Enjoy the week.

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