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May 03, 2006 · By · Share

Debbie and I had a long trip to get here but finally we're here. It's great to see the skyline of Louisville again. We haven't seen the Twin Spires but will in the morning.

We missed the Trainer's Dinner but had a few drinks with some industry folks and our man, Sean Clancy. Everyone seems to be getting pumped about the Derby. Louisville really seems to embrace the race, the Derby is everywhere in this city.

I've begun to think about how the race will shape up. I just hope we¹re good enough to be in contention at the top of the lane. With 20 horses, it¹s a cavalry charge bumping, checking, yelling, speed, stopping, closers this race has it all.

The big horse trains after the renovation break in the morning. I've been going to the Derby for 10 years - tomorrow morning will be the first time I'll be able to walk around knowing that, We run one in the Derby. Wow!

I really think it will be a great feeling.

I love this derby stuff.

It's great to be in Louisville.


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