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May 04, 2006 · By · Share Each day, the crowd gets bigger and bigger and more energetic. We're just
trying to soak it all in. The big horse trained as well as I've ever seen
him train on Wednesday. Desi, the exercise rider, was tickled pink with
him. We did some work on his back end earlier in the week and that seems
to have been a big plus for him. He's very happy and alert.

We went to Wagners for a good breakfast, eggs and sausage, then went over
for the pill draw for the post position. Kiaran drew 18 for Flashy Bull
and 20 for Jazil. He slapped the counter when he drew the 20 for Jazil,
knowing he probably just drew the rail.

We went back to the hotel, ran for an hour and got ready for the post
position draw. They moved it downtown this year, it looked like a good
move. They had ESPN, Sportscenter there. Being there is being on center
stage, anybody who's anybody in the Thoroughbred business is there. We
didn't have a whole lot of choice, there was only a few positions left.
Kiaran talked to Mike (Smith) and Mike suggested going outside, he's more
comfortable on the outside. If you come out running, we should get a good
spot, in the clear, going into the first turn.

I've gotten so many calls and emails from supporters, it's nice to hear
all those kind words, I'm more bullish than I was earlier in the week when
we got here. It looks like things are coming together, I know Kiaran is
really happy. The jock is happy. And we're happy. That's the trifecta.

Debbie and I got to the racetrack just after 6:00 on Thursday morning, I
did a bunch of TV and radio interviews. They're real interested in the
fact that we have such an eclectic mix of investors.

We went back to Wagners and couldn't get in, the line was so long. A guy
who has a horse who didn't get in the Derby said, ‘Good luck. You'll have
fun if nothing else.' It was sort of a sideways swipe about beating him
for the 20th spot. That's OK.

Now, we're getting ready to go over and watch the Derby video at the
museum with a bunch of investors. Then we'll watch a couple of races and
go to the press party tonight.

Friday is Oaks Day. And then Saturday is Derby Day.

– Terry
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