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May 10, 2006 · By · Share

Bill Carson is West Point Thoroughbred's "Spot Light Partner" for the month of May.  Bill has been a Partner since 2003 and is currently in on twelve horses.
Where are you from?
I grew up mostly in New Jersey, but have lived in California since 1991
Have your owned horses before?
How / why did you want to become an owner?
I worked at barns and rode trail horses when I was a kid and then got to know Rich Cristiano and that was pretty powerful. Magnificent animals and an organization built on trust and doing the right thing.
What attracts to a horse?
Horses as you get to know them are all very unique and that is what intrigues me, the mental side of the animals, what is that causes some of them to lay their hearts down for you and others to act like a bag of fruit loops.
Do you remember your first trip to the track?
1985 Breeders Cup with Rich Cristiano (it's all his fault)
Who was your first horse?
Who was your first winner?
Seattle Fitz
Do you have any superstitions on race day or with your horses?
I don't look past the moment because as a trainer told me "Horses spend 90% of their time trying to kill themselves and 10% trying to kill you" So I live for the moment and the energy of that next race.
Who is your favorite all-time horse (maybe top three)? Why?
Secretariat for his heart. Pebbles for being the first horse I made money on and John Henry for being so good for so long.
Who is your favorite all time jockey?
Willie Carson (English Champion Jockey ) of course!
Who is your favorite all time trainer?
Any trainer that lets the horse tell them when they are ready and not the other way around.
What is your favorite track?
Del Mar for the scenery, Saratoga for the back stretch and Belmont for the majesty and the sheer bigness of the place.
What is your favorite race?
Any race down the hill at Santa Anita.
Who is your favorite West Point horse? Why?
Fitz, Watch Over Me and Bid for Silver. Fitz for being my first graded stakes winner, Watcher for being the first horse I got to really know and Bid for being so tough that she won three races in a row.
If you could win any race, which would it be?
The Breeders Cup Classic - it's the best there is.

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