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October 15, 2006 · By · Share

Gerard James is West Point Thoroughbred's "Spot Light Partner" for the month of October.  Gerard is currently a partner on three West Point Thoroughbred horses (Gracie Jo, Mr. Component  and Noosa Cat).
Where are you from?
I am from St. Croix Virgin Islands which are one of United States Territories.
Have your owned horses before?
I come from a family that has been racing horses locally in St. Croix from the late 50's.  I presently own two (2) mares that were bred and raced in Florida as well as St. Croix.  In 1986 I got involved with a venture in New York that was a real bad experience. 
How / why did you want to become an owner?
Since 2000 I have been in touch with West point and had followed their progress and checked out their organization.  I had always wanted to be an owner, so after the death of my only son July 2004, I decided to get involved.
Do you remember your first trip to the track?
It was my freshman year at Howard University, Washington D.C., when I traveled to Bowie Race Track and got my fist taste of racing on the mainland. There I saw Chris McCarron ride his first race, along with his brother Greg, Jack Kurtz, William Passmore and Walsh and others.
Who was your first horse?
My first horse was Crimson Stag.
Who was your first winner?
My first winner was also Crimson Stag.
Do you have any superstitions on race day or with your horses?
Yes, I do wear a special tie on race day.
Who is your favorite all-time horse? Why?
My favorite all time horse would be Secretariat. To me he was the wonder horse of racing that ran with so much authority and determination.
Who is your favorite all time jockey?
My favorite Jockeys are Angel Cordero, Jerry Bailey, Lafit Pincay and Chris McCarron.
Who is your favorite all time trainer?
My favorite trainer is Woody Stephens.
What is your favorite track?
My favorite track is Belmont Park.
What is your favorite race?
The Belmont Stakes is my favorite race.
Who is your favorite West Point horse? Why?
My favorite was Crimson Stag who ran his heart out on every race, but today I'm clinging to Mr. Component who just needs a little time to settle and find himself because he is still green.
If you could win any race, which would it be?
One day it is my hope to be in the winners circle as a proud partner of a West Point horse that wins the Belmont Stakes and we might be able to repeat the next year like Woody Stephens.

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