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WP Partner Qualifies for Handicapping Championship

January 23, 2007 · By · Share

Congratulations to West Point Thoroughbreds Partner John Fasola, Jr. who will be competing in the finals of the Daily Racing Form/NTRA Handicapping Championship.  Fasola qualified online in the last one day qualifier of the year.  The Handicapping Championship will be worth over $850,000 this year, and the winner is projected to receive a check for over $400,000.

Fasola said, "I never took these things seriously.  I'd see them going on at Beulah Park all the time, and I never really took a second look at it.  One time I entered, and I forgot to get my bets in for the first few races.  That's how seriously I took it.  I was more interested in finding a big winning Pick Six ticket.  Then I saw that there was one more chance to qualify online.  The contest was on Saturday the 23rd of December.  It was Christmas weekend.  I was at home with the family and I thought why not? This could be a fun thing to do at home."

Fasola continued, "I knew you didn't necessarily want to choose the horse you thought would win, because they might not pay anything.  It was counterintuitive really.  You had to handicap the race and look for the horse that you thought could win but might be a huge price.  That was the only way you would get a big enough bankroll.  Things started off slowly, but then I cashed a ticket on about six races in a row.  When I looked at the standings with a couple races to go I was in the lead.  This was against some really top handicappers.  You had a former champion on the board and a couple other people who'd finished in the top three.  I turned to my brother, and I said all we need is the favorite to win the next race, because the last race of the day was a small field race where everyone looked about the same.  It didn't look like anyone would be able to catch me in that race, so I had to survive the second to last race.  Wouldn't you know that a longshot won the race and I fell all the way to fourth.  I couldn't believe it.  There was a horse that I really liked in the last race though, and the public ended up pounding the favorite hard.  The chalk missed the board, and I had the winner.  I jumped back into first, and now I am going to Las Vegas.  It was quite a thrill."

The Handicapping Championship will be held on January 26-27 at Bally's Las Vegas.  Congratulations John, and good luck in the finals.  The entire West Point Thoroughbreds community will be rooting for you!

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