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Adopt A Cat wins!!!

June 12, 2007 · By · Share

Adopt A Cat broke his maiden in his first try on the turf at Philadelphia Park. He was a little rambunctious in the post parade and then froze like a statue when he felt the turf under his feet for the first time, but once the race began he was all business.  Breaking from the rail after standing in the gate for several minutes because of two unruly horses, Adopt A Cat got away alertly and then settled in the second half of the pack early.  Jockey Tony Black prompted Adopt A Cat on the turf, and he began a gradual advance while making a wide move.  Once Adopt A Cat entered the stretch he found another gear and exploded down the center of the stretch to win going away.

Lupe Preciado said, "That was a nice little surprise.  I hoped that the turf might move him forward, but I have never seen him finish up like he did today.  I was afraid the race might be a bit too short.  He got that last eighth of a mile in eleven and change.  He never really finished up like that before, but he doesn't have great feet.  Sometimes horses with bad feet will really like the turf because it's softer to run on.  We had nothing to lose because he certainly wasn't running well on the dirt.  The way he ran today, we might even be able to have a little fun with him.  Tony Black said that he thought the horse would go even further.  We write seven and a half furlong races over here, and that might be something we look at as an option."

Tony Black said, "This horse felt 100 percent different today than he did last time.  He moved so much better over the turf.  He really came home strongly for me, and it felt like he could have gone even further.  The difference was like night and day.  After the race, when I got back on the dirt I thought, "where did my horse go?"  He felt different even galloping on the dirt after the race.  The horse is still a bit of a handful to deal with, but he was all business during the race."

This was a big win for Adopt A Cat and might be just what he needed.  He earned $10,800 for the win.

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