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WPT to Co-Sponsor Veteran Treatments

May 22, 2009 · By · Share

West Point Thoroughbreds Teams up with Ranch to Support Veterans

West Point Thoroughbreds is partnering with the Ivey Ranch in Oceanside, California to honor America's injured veterans by sponsoring a six-week session of rehabilitative treatment for those injured in the line of duty.

During the six-week session, North American Riding for the Handicapped Association certified instructors and various professionals, including physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, will collaborate to physically improve, emotionally empower, and socially enhance the lives of injured veterans who have sacrificed a great deal for this country.

"Ivey Ranch and Horses for Heroes is a perfect fit for us and a unique opportunity to say thank you and give back to the service men and women of our country," said Terry Finley, president of West Point and former Army captain. "With Memorial Day upon us, there is no better time to recognize these individuals who have sacrificed so much for our nation, and we are honored to be able to help with their rehabilitation in a constructive and meaningful way."

The horses used for this program are trained to work with disabled individuals, and are able to effectively mirror human behavior in a way that is powerful and yet non-threatening. Horse movements cause riders to respond using natural body movements and improve their muscle strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination. Veterans of any war, age, active or inactive duty, retired, disabled, or able-bodied are eligible to participate at no cost.


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