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Grey Chatelaine Romps!

August 05, 2009 · By · Share Sometimes you just have to forget about everything, sit back, and enjoy the moment.  Not every race can be measured by the purse or prestige.  Sometimes it has to simply be measured by a number.  One.  There can be only one winner.  There can be only one horse that has that singular number next to their chart.  Today was that day for Grey Chatelaine.  On Wednesday, Grey Chatelaine was the horse that got her picture at Santa Rosa Race Track.  Sometimes that's all you want, and we got it. 

Grey Chatelaine broke well and sat just off the pace early.  She assumed command after about a quarter-mile and improved her position from there.  When jockey Alex Bisono asked, he was sitting on all kinds of horse as Grey Chatelaine drew off to win by nine-lengths.

Trainer O.J. Jauregui said, "I am so happy for everyone that we could get a win for this filly.  She looked the best on paper, and she proved it.  She is sound and tries.  We put her in a race we thought she could win, and she didn't let us down.  We'll keep finding spots that she fits in, and if we do we'll have some fun."

Jockey Alex Bisono said, "My filly ran well today. She grabbed the lead right away and never looked back."

Grey Chatelaine came out of the race in good shape and we will look to run her back in a few weeks. Hopefully she can start a win streak in the black and gold silks.

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