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Clockers Corner: 1/21-1/27 (Wednesday)

January 26, 2010 · By · Share

We are pleased to unveil our new feature "Clockers Corner".  On this page you will be able to see all West Point Thoroughbreds breezers for the week and comments.  We hope you enjoy and come back daily.

 Track Distance
Belle Of The Hall 1/27  PM 3F   37.20  4/7
 Bellhouse  1/27  PM 4F  49.60  5/8
 Successful Score  1/27  CRC  4F  51.20  17/42
Boulder Creek
 1/26  HOL  6F  1:12.00  2/9
 1/26  HOL  6F  1:14.00  8/9
Tapit's Brew
 1/26  PM  3F  37.60  11/15
 1/25  FG  5F  1:01.80  28/66
Beloved Deputy
 1/25  HOL  3F  35.60  3/36
Cantankerous Clyde  1/25  HOL  3F  35.60  3/36
Feed A Fever
 1/25  HOL  5F  1:00.80  17/63
Montana Knight
 PM  4F  51.00  12/12
Sheryl's Melody


 49.00  9/45
Ginello  1/24  HOL  5F  1:00.60  12/39
Grey Chatelaine
 1/24  GG  5F  59.80  2/82
Mr. Fantasy
 1/23  PM  3F  39.00  3/8
The Defense Rests
 1/23  BEL  4F  50.06  34/60
Erin's Golden Star  1/23  PHA  5F  1:02.60  5/16
Buzzin and Dreamin
 OP  5F  1:02.40  5/29
Seeking The Ghost
 1/22  PM  4F  50.60  9/14
 PM  4F  51.60  38/38
Quiet All American
 1/21  GP  4F  49.25  21/31




























Belle of the Hall worked a very nice three furlongs in 37:20 this morning at Palm Meadows. The work was 4th of 7 at the distance. Tom Albertrani reports that she went strongly throughout and cooled out well. It is too early to put a timetable on when this filly will debut, but she will put in a few more three furlong breezes before graduating onto half mile breezes. She could not be doing any better.

Bellhouse worked four furlongs in 49:60 this morning at Palm Meadows. The work was 5th of 8 at the distance. Tom Albertani reports that he went well but was trying to get out a bit throughout the work. He will experiment with some different equipment and watch him train closely over the next few days. We are likely about five weeks away from his debut. Click here to see a video of his breeze last Thursday at Palm Meadows.

Successful Score worked a very good four furlongs this morning in 51:20 at Calder. The work was 17th of 42 at the distance. Dale has some stalls over at Calder and likes the track surface a bit better than Gulfstream, so he sent this colt over there to work over the strip. We still intend on running at Gulfstream. Dale reports that he plans on looking at the condition book this week and picking out an allowance spot.

Boulder Creek
breezed a strong six furlongs in 1:12 flat at Hollywood.  Craig called the work outstanding.  We are all set for the MSW on February 5th at at Santa Anita.  Victor Espinoza has already committed to ride Boulder Creek back.

Edenise breezed six furlongs in 1:14 at Hollywood.  Craig said the work was "okay".  Edenise had to work a little bit, but he got enough from the breeze.  Craig said we are pretty much ready to run.  He was going to look in the condition book over the next couple days and look for the best spot.

Tapit's Brew breezed an easy three furlongs in 37.60 at Palm Meadows.  The clockers did not catch the work, but Tom Albertrani said Tapit's Brew, "went very well".  He has really been moving nicely and should remain on a regular breeze schedule.


Beloved Deputy breezed a good three furlongs in company in 35.60 at Hollywood Park on Monday in company with Cantankerous Clyde. Craig reports that she went well and finished up strongly. She will have a few more three furlong breezes before graduating onto half mile breezes. It is too early to put a definite timetable on her return to the races, but she will likely return in late March/early April.  

Cantankerous Clyde breezed a good three furlongs in company in 35.60 at Hollywood Park on Monday in company with Beloved Deputy. Craig reports that he went well and is moving nicely over the racetrack. Hw will have a few more three furlong breezes before graduating onto half mile breezes. It is too early to put a definite timetable on his return to the races, but he will likely return in late March/early April.  

Feed A Fever worked a good five furlongs in 1:00.80 at Hollywood.  She is sitting on go, and Craig is anxious to get her back into the starting gate.  Craig said that the race had five horses entered in it when we tried to get it to go Thursday, so he is optimistic that it will get used in short order at Santa Anita.

Phosphorescent breezed a solid five furlongs in 1:01.80 at the Fair Grounds.  Dale Romans' assistant Tom Morgan said that this was his best move since coming back to the track.  Phosphorescent did not get tired for the first time and finished with good energy.  Dale was going to look at the condition book.  We are about ready to begin looking for a race.

breezed a solid five furlongs in 1:00.60 on Sunday at Hollywood.  The work was simply designed as a routine maintenance move since we were supposed to run this weekend and the race did not go.  We enter Wednesday for the "a other than" allowance on Saturday, January 30th at Santa Anita.

Grey Chatelaine breezed a sharp five furlongs in 59.80 on Sunday at Golden Gate.  O.J. Jauregui said it was perhaps one of her best works ever.  We enter Thursday for the "a other than" allowance on January 31st at Golden Gate.

Montana Knight breezed an easy half-mile in 51 flat on Sunday at Palm Meadows.  Mike Hushion wanted Montana Knight to stretch his legs a little bit.  He wants to get on the turf for Montana Knight's next start.  He's just not sure if he wants to go two-turns off only one race. There is a MSW going a mile and a sixteenth on the turf on February 10th at Gulfstream that could be a target.  We will make a decision over the next couple days.

Sheryl's Melody breezed a perfect half-mile in 49 flat on Sunday at the Fair Grounds.  Dallas Stewart called the work, "great".  He said she went strongly throughout.  She remains on target for the MSW on February 7th at the Fair Grounds.

Erin's Golden Star
breezed a good five furlongs in 1:02.60 on Saturday at Philadelphia Park.  Tony Black breezed the filly.  She came out of the breeze well and is ready to run.  We have not had luck getting races to go.  There is both a 25k non-winners of two claimer going short and an "a other than" allowance going long on February 7th at Philadelphia Park.  We should run in one of those races unless an extra comes up this weekend.

Mr. Fantasy returned to the worktab for the first time going an easy three furlongs in 39 flat on Saturday at Palm Meadows.  He went by himself, and it was designed to be an easy breeze.  He looked good and came back well from the work.  We will be on a regular breeze schedule.

The Defense Rests returned to the worktab going a solid half-mile in 50 flat on Saturday at Belmont.  Mike Hushion had to play it by ear when we'd get back on a regular breeze schedule, but we caught a bit of a break with the weather.  It was a nice solid first breeze back, and we should be back on a weekly schedule.  If all goes well he should debut by the end of February or early March.

Buzzin and Dreamin
breezed a good five furlongs in 1:02.40 on Friday at Oaklawn Park.  We are ready to run.  The racing secretary hung up an extra non-winners of two lifetime allowance going a mile and a sixteenth for Thursday, January 28th at Oaklawn.  We will either run there or the next day going short.

Seeking The Ghost worked another easy half-mile in 50.60 on Friday at Palm Meadows.  Tom Albertrani called the breeze a "solid work".  He indicated that she seems to have rebounded nicely after getting sick, and she is about ready to run.  He is looking at two possible maiden special weight races, one on January 31st and the other on February 7th.  He is leaning toward running in the race on February 7th at Gulfstream because he likes the seven furlong distance better.

Bellhouse breezed an easy half-mile in 51.3 on Thursday at Palm Meadows, but Tom Albertrani caught him two full seconds faster which would have put him in the top half of works. It appears that the clockers had trouble picking up the right horse off the turn. Bellhouse went by himself and dove down inside another horse and kept going. Tom Albertrani said that Bellhouse was much more focused on his business today. He went off a little slowly, but Tom caught him galloping out to five furlongs in 1:02.3.

Quiet All American breezed a good half-mile in 49.25 on Thursday at Gulfstream. He was not supposed to breeze yet after his last race, but he was doing so well that he was virtually kicking down the barn, He breezed by himself, but at about the eighth pole he picked up another horse came up outside him. Quiet All American dug in and would not let that the other horse pass. His win seems to have really stirred his competitive juices. He is on target for the $100,000 OBS Champions Stakes on February 15th in Ocala.

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