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Terry's Notes: Breed Better Horses

September 28, 2010 · By · Share

I just got back from the Keeneland September Yearling Sales. Overall it was better than I expected.  The market is certainly continuing its restructuring, but the sellers and breeders seem to be getting the point very clearly - the horses going through the ring today are worth about 60% of what they were three years ago.

There is still a lot of money available for the most sought after young horses.  Fortunately, this is an industry that shows auction prices are often times NOT a very good indicator of racetrack performance.

We've had a good run of late with three winners in the last four days. We had our first winner in the Pacific Northwest in the form of Wildcat Trust on Saturday.  Earlier in the week, Encore Saritta smoked an allowance field at Hoosier and our talented three-year-old Dominant Jeannes scored in gate to wire fashion today at Belmont.

We continue to struggle with injuries to our stable.  This is a tough part of the game. I'll touch on this area of our business in the coming months.  As a whole our industry breeds too many unsound horses. We don't need anymore stallions who retired as three-year-olds after five races!!!  We need stallions and broodmares coming into the breeding pool who were more solid and durable on the racetrack and thus are more apt to pass these qualities to their offspring.

Maybe this market correction will help drive home the message from end users like us to breeders - start breeding more durable horses and stop breeding solely for the sales ring!!

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