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October 31, 2010 · By · Share

I just got done watching the feature on Zenyatta on 60 minutes. How cool was that? I bet a lot of people didn't know John Sheriffs feeds her Guinness beer! Click here to watch some of the broadcast.

Click here to read an interesting story called "Breeders' Cup Bets on Big Investment". Check out the bottom of page 3:

What's the best way for a novice to start investing in horse racing?

Greg Avioli (President and CEO of Breeders' Cup): There's a guy who's a Breeder's Cup trustee who founded a company called West Point Thoroughbreds, and they sell fractional interest in horses, so you get a piece of a horse in a partnership. They get a lot of partners from Wall Street. The way a lot of people who have no experience with a horse get into it now is owning a piece of a race horse. Much like with the stock market, it is best to own a broad portfolio with a number of horses, because the chances of one horse being a winner are very slim. It's very hard to make money on strictly racing.


For all the ladies out there, I'm sure you can appreciate this. Tomorrow my mom and I are stepping out of the office for an hour or two to complete our Breeders' Cup wardrobe shopping. People have asked me "Why do you wait until the last minute?" My response, "November in Kentucky can mean 20 degrees and snow or 70 degrees and sunny. Can't plan ahead for that."


Off to KY tomorrow!

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