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Order Michael Geraghty Painting "Summer Meets Magic"

November 25, 2012 · By Erin Birkenhauer · Share

Michael Geraghty is a nationally recognized equine artist who has painted the world of Thoroughbred racing for more than 20 years. In 1990, the Daily Racing Form referred to him as "the nation's best young equine artist."

Michael's painted many Triple Crown event and Breeders' Cup winners for their owners, and more than 50,000 racing fans from across America have collected his prints. West Point Thoroughbreds' "Summer Meets Magic" is a tribute to what he considers America's best ownership group. 

Just in time for an extraordinary holiday gift for any Thoroughbred racing enthusiast, Michael is offering his "professional trade discount" on the framing to all purchasers of this print. The black satin finish frame alone with framer's grade shatter proof, plexi glass (i.e: very high quality & 3X the price of regular glass) retails for around $235.   He's offering the artwork inside the frame and shipped to any US address for an outstanding value of $235 total.

“Summer Meets Magic”

A Salute to the Partners of West Point Thoroughbreds

By Michael Geraghty



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