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Half Nelson 2009-2014

Half Nelson at Saratoga

December 10, 2014 · By Erin Birkenhauer · Share

The West Point Thoroughbreds team is deeply saddened by the loss of Half Nelson, a barn favorite who’s been a part of the family since he was purchased as a yearling in 2010. In the 8th race on Friday at Aqueduct another horse fell midstretch after clipping heels. Unfortunately Half Nelson was unable to avoid the fallen rival, and suffered an irreparable shoulder injury.

Our hearts go out to Half Nelson’s Partners, who lost a very special horse. “Nelson”, as he was known around the barn, was very curious and sociable and loved when his Partners came to visit him.

Click here to view a photo tribute to a wonderful member of our stable.


Remembering Half Nelson:


Partner Peta R: All the horses that I have had the honor to be part of their lives are special to me, but there are those that are deep in my heart, and Nelson was one of them. He had such heart and he knew his name. I remember one time when I went to Camden to see him, and they were showing off the babies. He was at the end stall looking out. I thought to myself, he so nosey, had to be involved in everything. But he just wanted the attention. They brought him over for everyone to look out and he stood so proud.

Partner Evelyn K: As a Half Nelson partner I have been astonished and humbled by the sympathy expressed by all WPT partners and staff. In this time of tragedy, it is good to know how special Half Nelson really was to have touched so many of our hearts.

Partner Scott K: I was so lucky to be a partner of Half Nelson.He had such a BIG heart every time he ran.


WPT’s Jeff Lifson: Nelson was a happy horse, a “why don't we just stop by his stall at Saratoga this morning and get some genuine equine hospitality" kind of horse. He was an honest horse. We love horses who reach out to us, who poke their heads out of the webbing at the hint of human presence, and then give their all in the afternoon, time after time. He was a happy, honest horse, the Golden Retriever of the Albertrani stable.