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Entry 24

May 16, 2009 · By · Share

What a race.  The filly got the job done today in the Preakness holding on over a fast closing Derby winner, Mine That Bird.

A great day of racing.  Big Crowd, lot of buildup and coverage and an exciting race. 

Let's see what happens in the Belmont.  How fun would that have been if Mine That Bird got up and we moved on to the Belmont Stakes with a Triple Crown chance.  Not this year but we may get a rematch between the Preakness one/two runners.

Our filly Justwhistledixie got back on the worktab at Belmont today for the first time since scratching from the Oaks.  She worked in company with our three-year-old star, Mr. Fantasy.  All is set for this colt to run in next Monday's Met Mile.  We'll get in light - maybe 110 pounds so we're looking around the country for a rider who can tack at or near that weight.  Rafael Bejano from California fits the bill - now we just have to get him out to the East Coast.  Sure would be nice if NYRA published the weight at least ten days out from a big race like the Met Mile.  We'll only have five days from Wednesday to round up that rider for our three-year-old colt.

Lets hope the American Press gives the racing industry favorable coverage of the Preakness.  Seems like it's too easy to take shots at our industry these days.  There are so many good, solid story lines in the business today.  As I like to say, there is so much magic in racing.  We just have to promote that magic and spread the word each and every day.

Until next week,


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