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Entry 31

July 06, 2009 · By · Share

We ended a great month of June last week. A good number of our horses are running well. Time to focus on Del Mar and Saratoga. We should be loaded for both meets. Was thinking over weekend about excuses and how they play out in this game we call racing.

Sometimes horses have legitimate excuses for not running better. Most of the time, excuses are just plain dumb. The vast majority of times the best horse won on that particular day. Now, don't get me wrong, the best horse on one day can be very different than the best horse on another day. I have to laugh when I read about owners, trainers, racing managers, partnership managers, etc. blame the jock, the trainer, the surface, the starting gate crew, the lead pony, the shadows on the racetrack - and on and on and on.

We think we have a pretty good system in place. We run, we evaluate our horses, and look to the future. Even the best horses can't be the best every day. All we can do is keep them healthy and happy, and hope they are the best more often than not. Saratoga and Del Mar here we come.

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