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It Really Happened...Bloom Vs. Cordero

November 29, 2010 · By WPT Admin · Share


Jeff Bloom has been a member of the West Point team for six years.  He's built a strong and successful division on the West Coast. 

Many people don’t know this, but was a jockey in the late eighties and early nineties.  For years I've heard him up on a soapbox about the day he beat Hall of Famer Angel Cordero, Jr. in a stretch long duel. 

Now, Angel Cordero, Jr. is a good friend of West Point, and also on most people's list of top three jockeys of all-time.  He was known as a rider who willed horses over the finish line.  You didn't want to hook up with Cordero at the top of the stretch, because chances are he’d be in the winner’s circle and you’d have to settle for second.

I never asked Cordero if Bloom's version was correct.  On the contrary, I repeatedly asked Bloom for proof.  "Show me the goods, JB!"

Well the other day I received a note with from Jeff with a scanned image attached.  Look at the 3rd race on April 13, 1987 at Exhibition Park in Canada.  There is the proof that Bloom beat Cordero on the wire with a 23-1 shot.

Last thing I heard from Bloom on this is "Cordero's not getting a rematch, either".

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