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Day 1 In Ireland

September 26, 2011 · By Terry Finley · Share

DUBLIN, IRELAND - I flew into Dublin this morning after flights from South Bend to Chicago and Chicago to Charlotte on Sunday.

There’s definitely a different feel to Ireland this year compared to the last time I came to the Goffs sale in 2009. Even the cab driver opined on the origins and future of Ireland's economic woes. We talked about the Ireland of 2002-2008 as being the “Celtic Tiger,” a term they use over there. He said "We’re still the Celtic Tiger, but our tail isn't wagging any longer."

I thought that was funny - sad but true.

This morning, I’m going to Goffs to inspect horses for the sale that starts tomorrow and runs through Friday. I’ll be looking for the same type of horses we look for here, but in some ways it’s more like looking for treasure, because as I wrote before, these yearlings can be diamonds in the rough. In other ways, you go in with more confidence, knowing these horses were bred to run, not with commercial success in mind as the final goal.

It sure would be nice if more American breeders bred horse horses to be good racehorses instead of good "sales" horses.  

If there’s a better place on earth to raise a racehorse than Ireland, I don’t know where it is. Hopefully I can find a few nice ones for the West Point team within the coming days.

Le gach dea ghui,
(“With every good wish”)


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Le gach dea ghui Terry! Bring home a colt and filly and we'll start a breeding farm! :)
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