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A New Years Blog That Struck Me

January 03, 2012 · By Terry Finley · Share
I’m getting the New Year off to a great start here in New Jersey, buckling back down to work after both kids were home for the holidays. The first week of 2012 offers a chance to think about how to make this year better than the last one, and you can actually pick up some great tips when you weed through all the motivational and inspirational writing out there.
I like this blog from Marcus Sheridan, and I’m going to share my favorite numbers from his “20 Life-Changing Habits That Will Make 2012 Your Best Year Ever.” You can check out the rest on your own, but here are a few I really liked.

1. Stop Thinking you can do this alone
That’s right, you can’t. We all have weakness, and we all need others to reach our full potential. Behind every great man and woman there are multiple pillars of support in the shadows. Since the very beginning of time, man was not meant to be alone, and this principle has not changed whatsoever these many, many years.

9. Stop Trying to Be Everything to Everybody
In business and in life, the quickest way to unhappiness and frustration is by trying to be everything to everybody. Accept the fact that you’re just not a good fit with certain people. Accept the reality that your business wasn’t meant to do certain things. Just be good at being you. Embrace who and what that is, and run with it without looking back.

18. Stop Texting and Driving
I’ll be honest in saying I used to have this problem, but I got tired of seeing and hearing about people dying due to distracted driving. Today, I drive with my phone on silent and despite the fact that I don’t answer my messages in real-time, life still finds a way manage OK.

19. Stop Consuming So Much Information without Doing Anything
Seriously, do you really think that next eBook for $27.99 is going to tell you way more than you already know? It amazes me how many people would rather ‘consume’ all day than actually apply the teachings they’ve been reading and hearing again and again and again. The fact is most of us don’t need any more information, we just need to actually do something.

20. Stop Waiting to Tell Those You Most Care About How Much You Love Them
I’m serious about this one. Many of you know what I’m talking about because you’ve recently experienced the death of a loved one. One of the greatest moments of my life was when I wrote my grandfather a very long letter, expressing my deepest personal feelings and sentiments, shortly before he died a few years ago. I cannot imagine the regret I would have had I not listened to the prompting I received and written him that letter.

Good ideas that hit home. Take some time to read the rest of them.

Happy New Year!

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