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Video: How WPT Selects Racehorses at the Sales

April 17, 2012 · By Terry Finley · Share Blog Series:

Watch the video below and learn how my team and I select horses at world class select sales for syndication to our Partners. We use technology to help identify the best possible prospects to run under the black and gold silks. Hear from Partners about their experiences, and watch a memorable race.

Have some thoughts or questions? Shoot me an e-mail at [email protected]. Share this video with your friends, family, and colleagues interested in racing.



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Terry: Congrats to you and your team for putting together this first class video.Anxiously awaiting the results of this approach. Lot's of luck and success to you and the partners that will invest in the class of 2012. Mike Papa
Hi Mike, Thanks for visiting. I feel great about this year's class. This time next year would love to be heading to the Kentucky Derby!!!
Terrific job, Terry. You make us proud to be part of the organization. Mike Miele
Thanks for visiting Mike! Appreciate your support. Give Karen my best as always. Saw your Dixie Union colt this past weekend at Kirkwood. He looks like the real deal. Terry
im just a rookie, would like to know how much min you need to be apartner?terrysack truronova scotia canada
Hi Terry. Glad you stopped by. Typically a minimum investment range is around $10,000. It depends on the acquisition costs of the horses. Dawn
This is a great video, Terry! I especially liked the first half because it was instructive on some of the elements that go into your buying decisions, like heart measurements and stride analysis. Will you be posting more videos (I just saw a couple on my Facebook page for horses you'd bought last year or before this Spring) of your recent trip to Camden? I'm so sorry I wasn't able to make it! Also, I wanted to note that for some reason there's no video for Watercolors (great name, though at first I thought it was for the Stormy Atlantic v. the Tale of the Cat filly) on your website under "Opportunities." I'd love to hear what your and your team's impressions are of how both she and Stormkeeper (another great name) are doing now that you've seen them more recently. Best wishes, Laura
Hi Laura, thanks for visiting. Dawn here. Watercolors is the Tale of the Cat filly. We are having a technical difficulty with the video populating everywhere it should. However, it is on her roster page if you click the video tab. Here is the link to it. http://youtu.be/FMfS1fuEQF8 Watercolors is doing well at Kirkwood. Stormkeeper is super eager to train - they had a hard time pulling her up at the Camden show. Wish you could have been there. We'll have more videos of both fillies shortly.
Terry - I have always believed white feet to be weaker - I see you don't shy away from them, and recently people are saying it is just a myth. Having owned 100s of horses now what is your take on it?
Iain, Really depends on the structure and strength of the feet. We would rather dark feet but will not cross off one cause of feet color only. Terry
Mr Terry can you let me no the next sale u will b buying from. and send me some pitcher of the horse/s u might b buying. thanking u in advance frank stephens
Frank thanks for visiting. We attend all the major two-year-old in training and yearling sales. Likely the next one will be the June OBS sale in Ocala. If you would like info on new horses acquired, you can fill out a contact us form http://www.westpointtb.com/contact and we will reach out to you about your ownership goals.
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