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Love The Game- A Blog About the Highs and Lows of Racing by Sean Clancy

June 13, 2012 · By Erin Birkenhauer · Share

Sean Clancy of ST Publishing wrote this wonderful blog about the highs and lows of horse racing. Sean is a longtime friend of WPT and as you can see below an absolute fanatic about the game. We think you’ll enjoy....

Hate our game? I love our game. I love it for the madness. For the unknown. For the highs and lows. I love it because out of all us experts, from all the analysis, from all the concocting and conjecture, nobody could come up with this scenario. I’ll Have Another scratched Friday afternoon, the day before his attempt at ending the Triple Crown drought. Some game.

I didn’t like the way he galloped Wednesday and Thursday; just not the same style or flourish as he exuded before the Derby and Preakness. Looked like a tired horse on tired wheels. Sound, sure. Spent, probably. I didn’t think he would scratch, didn’t predict he had a tendon, didn’t fathom it would all be over this soon, this fast. Tendonitis. Non-definition. Bowed tendon, in any parlance. He’s finished, retired, suddenly a footnote. Like it or hate it, in this game, it’s on to the next one. Next race, next star. I’m glad it was discovered Friday and not at 6:41 on Saturday.

As trainer Doug O’Neill said, “It’s a bummer.” Yeah, that’s it, a bummer. The big horse has left the building. Off to another career, another chapter. He went from being the horse who would save horse racing (blah, blah, blah) to another 2-for-3 stallion prospect, wedged somewhere between Point Given and Real Quiet.

It was a good ride. Five weeks, short a day.

Horse racing is the ultimate Indian giver. It gives, then it takes. It gives, then it takes. It gave us I’ll Have Another, his across-the-tracks jockey, his likable but divisive trainer  and the rest of an eclectic team who enjoyed the ride. Then it took them away. Boom, without warning, without salve, without apology. Over and done.

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I'm in!
Awesome Brett!
It's an industry for the strong at heart, that's for sure. The only thing you can count on is that you can't count on anything.
When you love racing it's in your blood. It makes us want the roller coaster ride it gives us and keep us coming back for more, and more!
I would love to own a horse again asI was in partnership with louie Giacoomazzi several times and we won many time!!Shoe and mckarren rode for us many times and won a lot of races!!!!Maybe I can go in partner ship with a few people and buy another horse this summer down at del mar!!!I go there often!!!
I'll Have Another was NOT going to win the Belmont anyway. But Man I LOVE this sport. I'm 68, been playing the ponies since age 6, Friday ninth race at Hollywood Park with my dad. My best friends uncle was an excercise rider and ex Jockey (CARL RIZZO); excercised Round Table. Play every Saturday now on Computer. I love the CHALLENGE of picking winners.
Well expressed...it's the sport of kings for those of us who believe it's the king of sports!
My wife (an equestrian hunter jumper) and I (long-time horse lovr and polo player) have been contemplating investing in race horses either via a partnership or individually for a very long time. The high points of the game are obvious but as true equestrians and horse lovers we are afraid that the lows would be too devastating and I don't mean the financial aspects. Watching one of our beloved horses break down in the stretch ala Giant Ryan would be absolutely horriffic. I do not know how racing thoroughbred owners handle that unless they just don't have as much vested interest in the health and happiness of the horse as we do.
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