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Keeneland Yearling Sale Day 1 from Jeff Lifson

September 10, 2012 · By Jeff Lifson · Share

Near the round bar surrounded by buyers and sellers, worn out from looking at more than a hundred horses late yesterday and today (Monday). The Marathon that is the Keeneland September Yearling Sale begins today. Terry and the team may bid on a few tonight in the Golden Hours of Opening Night. (More from Terry on that if we are successful).

Having bought one successfully with Erin Finley and two West Point Thoroughbreds Partners last year, I've learned a little to apply to this year's hunt. First off, I won't start bidding till the tail end of the week. With our budget, there's more value for money heading into the weekend. Second, I've narrowed my focus...strictly colts with distance in their blood and a little quality from mom added to the DNA stew. I've found about 15 of them that make the first couple of cuts for Thursday bidding. More to come as we push on towards the weekend.

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Good Luck Jeff and all! :)
Hope your hard work pays off with finding a great one!!!
Thanks, Marlene, John, Frank and Barb! No new horses as of last night, but the dawn breaks with renewed optimism. Not only do one need to buy to run, you have to buy right!
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