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A Retired Racehorse and his Angel Prepare for a Big Event in May

January 28, 2013 · By Dawn Lenert · Share

Not long before the holidays I found a post on our Facebook page from a woman who ultimately adopted a racehorse formerly managed by us. She wanted to know as much as possible about Izzy Fitzy, a gelding  by Seattle Fitz who was claimed from WPT a few years ago. After leaving us, he changed barns several times both on the racetrack and in retirement before his adoptive angel, Brittni, found and fell in love with him. She cured what ailed him, and Fitzy has responded wonderfully to her and is enjoying his new life.

I shared with her a couple of photos, including one of him when he was a youngster and she was extremely grateful. What moved me, however, was the outpouring of sincere love for this horse.  “You have no idea how much that baby picture means to me,” she wrote. This horse is the world to me and more! He's my first horse and little miracle!!”

Like a proud mother she continued, “Now he is in training to be a hunter jumper with prospects of jumping 3 foot, although I am happy with whatever he is capable of doing. In May we are entering our first horse show together for w/t/c only. This will be my first show as well. He is completely bombproof and an honest horse. I have taken him on trails, sat on him bareback, and even rode him in just a halter. I taught him tricks. He will say hello by putting up his left front leg, give me a kiss by putting his nose up to my face on command as well as take a bow! I LOVE him, he's my first horse and my forever horse. He goes by the name Rock now and will come to you when you call his name.”

So this May, in addition to embracing the excitement of the Derby and Preakness, we’ll be wishing “Rock” and the angel who loves him good luck with their first horse show together. We hope it’s the first of many more down the road.

To learn more about our retired runners, visit the Congie Black and Gold Fund.


Here are some more photos of "Rock":

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