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Racehorse Blinkers Explained by Daily Racing Form's Marcus Hersh

July 05, 2013 · By Dawn Lenert · Share

Blinkers can help a horse engage in a race sooner.

Do you ever wonder why racehorses wear blinkers? Do you know a horse's field of vision without blinkers? Over the Fourth of July, Marcus Hersh from drf.com wrote a comprehensive article on blinkers and their impact on racehorses. It's a very informative piece we thought you would enjoy.

West Point trainers use blinkers on our runners for a variety of reasons. Dallas Stewart added blinkers to Macho Again when he was a two-year-old because he kept trying to turn his head and look behind him. The equipment helped him focus and keep his mind on running forwards, which helped him become a grade one stakes winner.

Click here to read Hersh's article, "Blinkers: a closer look at their impact on racehorses." It has a photo gallery of the five common types of blinkers and a very cool graphic of a horse's field of vision. Several classic trainers are referenced. What did you think of the article?

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