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Breeders' Cup 2013: Behind the Scenes at WPT

October 28, 2013 · By · Share

West Point has three horses running in the Breeders’ Cup this year: Suns Out Guns Out (Marathon), Twilight Eclipse (Turf), and Rock Me Baby (Turf Sprint).


Three new sets of silks are ordered, and we’re getting black blinkers for Suns Out Guns Out. If you watched his last race you’ll see he sported bright red ones -- can’t clash with the black and gold on national tv!


We started the process of securing Breeders’ Cup seats for our Partners months ago. As of yesterday, WPT Partners spent over $90,000 on tickets plus $6,000 on participant hats. If you estimate a conservative cost per person of $1,550 just for air, lodging, food, and entertainment, our Partners and staff alone will proudly contribute about $300,000 to the Breeders’ Cup and local economy.


Earlier this week we had conference calls with each of the partnerships competing in the Breeders’ Cup to go over how their horse is training up to the race and all the wonderful upcoming events. I received several calls afterwards from Partners so pumped that they were literally jumping out of their skin from the build up! That’s what I love about this moment in time: excitement, wonder, and possibility of it all.


Once again we’ll join industry leaders supporting Thoroughbred aftercare by pledging 0.5% of Breeders’ Cup winnings to New Vocations. Giving back to those who give us all so much joy is important, and we sure would love to write a big ol’ check come mid-November.


Terry Finley, Tom Bellhouse, and Erin Finley land in California on Tuesday. Jeff Lifson and Lindsey Heumann arrive on Wednesday. Our West Coast customer service guru Nancy Dollase will also be the grounds -- she knows the lay of the land out there as much as anybody.


Win, lose, or draw, it’s shaping up to be a very special weekend for our Partners and team.


P.S. We’ll take lots of pictures Breeders’ Cup week. Be sure to follow us on Twitter to get the latest trackside news from the team.



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Over the moon and jumping out of our skin!!!!! As sweet Kate said at Saratoga Labor Day weekend..."This is going to be Epic". :)
I love your energy Marlene!! Keep it up as it's contagious!
I may not officially be an owner of Rocky (Rock Me Baby) I still feel like one. I loved him from the day you bought and posted pics of him. He has all my support in his race as does SOGO. Poor Twilight Eclipse has to race Little Mike. If not for that he also would have my support. It would make an interesting exacta tho.
What I've always admired about Rock Me Baby is he's all race horse. He knows he has a job to do and he goes out and he gives it EVERYTHING HE HAS each and every time. He's fearless and an absolute beauty to behold; a really impressive physical specimen. There is a fire that burns in his eyes when he steps out of his stall and heads to the track. He LOVES his job.
So excited to meet the extended WPT racing family this weekend. I'm bring my brother and father to make it a complete family affair. I do have one recommendation, Shannon should be here this weekend, can't say enough about how wonderful of a rep she has been to me and the other owners of Go Black Tie.
Thanks for the kind words Tom! Racing is absolutely a family sport and I'm so glad you brought your dad and brother along for the ride. Hope you are enjoying your spot in the WPT section. I look forward to catching up with you next week to hear all about your Breeders' Cup weekend.
Wish I was there!! Our family will be watching from Syracuse University enjoying "family weekend". Go Twilight! I am so proud to be part of a great oranization and so happy for you all! I think Tom is going to be jumping for joy in a winners circle this weekend.....got a good feeling!! Enjoy!
Enjoy the family time Fred and thanks for the well wishes and support. Everyone is pumped in California. There is a huge Partner contingent out there, and the horses could not be looking any better. The quote I got about Twilight is "He's a beast!"
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