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New WPT Team Member Spends a Few Minutes with Dallas Stewart before the Belmont Stakes

June 03, 2014 · By Erin Birkenhauer · Share

Miguel Clement is a rising star in the industry. The son of trainer Christophe Clement, Miguel is a Darley Flying Start program trainee whose American work placement is with West Point Thoroughbreds. He’ll be part of our team through the beginning of July, and we look forward to introducing him to Partners this weekend at Belmont Park. And yes, we still consider him a part of the team even if he roots for Tonalist (his dad’s horse) in the Belmont Stakes!

Miguel spent a few minutes this morning with Dallas Stewart, longtime WPT trainer and conditioner of Belmont Stakes contender and Kentucky Derby runner-up Commanding Curve. Here’s what Dallas had to say....






1)   Who is the greatest horse you have ever been around?

  • Commanding Curve – he has that potential.

2)   What is your favorite memory on the racetrack?

  • I fell in love with racing at the age of 14 with the match races at Louisiana.

3)   Trainers tend to be very superstitious; do you have any superstition of your own?

  • Not really, none to speak of.

4)   What are your hobbies outside work?

  • Probably watching my kids play soccer or boating.

5)   What time do you wake up and how many times do you hit the ‘snooze’ button?

  • I wake up at 4 a.m. and very rarely hit the snooze button.

6)   If you could be any celebrity or athlete, who would it be and why?

  • Drew Brees and Archie Manning.

7)   What is your favorite sport other than racing?

  • Football, always been a football fan.

8)   If you weren’t a trainer, what would be your profession?

  • Something that entails helping people and I enjoy working with kids – something like that.

9)   What is your favorite restaurant in Saratoga?

  • Spring Street Deli

10) I am going to say a few things, tell me the first thing that comes into your head:

A)   Commanding Curve – Wins on Saturday

B)   California Chrome – Great horse

C)   Jockeys – Tough job

D)   Photo finishes – Hopefully win them

E)   Mile and a half – Tough distance

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