Subscribe to Thoroughbred Experience and Help Retired Racehorses / Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Here’s a “win-win” for you and the retired racehorses of West Point Thoroughbreds’ Congie Black and Gold Fund!

The team at Thoroughbred Insider is launching a new quarterly print magazine, The Thoroughbred Experience, which explores the people, places, and horses that make horse racing so special, through the tangible experience that you can only have with ink on paper in your hands.

Use code WEST POINT when you sign up to buy the magazine.

This gives you $5 off the normal subscription rate of $19.96, and Thoroughbred Insider will make a $5 donation to the Congie Black and Gold Fund for each sign-up!

King Congie at Old Friends Cabin Creek (photos Connie Bush)



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