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Tom Murphy /Executive Assistant

Tom Murphy
Executive Assistant

Background – I am originally from Jacksonville, Florida, and live in Louisville, just a few miles from Churchill Downs. I got my first experience at the race track in 2010 when my entire family went to Saratoga. I had never been to the races before but knew that bigger odds meant bigger payoffs. My Dad was the bookie for my cousins and me, as we weren’t old enough to bet, and we did not want to get in trouble (I still found ways to place a few bets). I remember betting on a horse named Nugget of Wisdom because I liked the name, and he had big odds. To my dismay, he finished dead last and walked across the wire when he finally got there. Nonetheless, I loved it and was hooked. After this trip, my Uncle sent my Dad and me a signed copy of Edgar Prado’s book, “My Guy Barbaro.” I still have it to this day and have read it countless times; it is one of my favorite books.

Industry Experience – I attended the University of Louisville and graduated with a BSBA in Equine Business in the Spring of 2022. During my time in school, I met Dale Romans and started walking hots for him when my school schedule allowed. I spent summers working in his barn and a stint in the mares and foals barn at Lane’s End. I always gravitated back to the racetrack, so that is where I went. My first full-time job out of school was grooming horses for Dale at Churchill Downs. Getting paid to be in the barns full-time was awesome. I spent so much time with the horses that I got to know more about them than I knew about some of my human friends. After I left the Romans barn, I went to work on the frontside at Churchill Downs in the Events/Operations Department.

Interests – Outside of racing, I am a huge sports fan, especially my hometown Jacksonville Jaguars and Louisville Cardinals! My girlfriend Haley and I have a cat named Trevor, who we found when he was just a few weeks old. I enjoy playing golf anytime I can, traveling, and spending time with my family at the racetrack.