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Attend the Sales to Learn How We Select Two-year-olds / Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Owner education is a huge part of what makes West Point Thoroughbreds a top option for first time owners looking to own a racehorse with a racing partnership. Prospective Partners are welcome to attend sales and events with us to:

  • learn how we select horses at the 2-year-old sales
  • learn how young horses develop into racehorses at our training center
  • watch morning training and interact with our staff and trainers on the backside.

Here are the biggest events this winter and spring you can attend:

  • Saturday, April 8 West Point’s Wood Memorial Day at Aqueduct
  • Tuesday-Friday April 25-28 OBS April Sale in Ocala, Florida
  • Saturday, April 29 2-Year-Old Showcase at Eddie Woods Training Center in Ocala, Florida

These events provide you with the chance to meet the people behind the company, chat with existing Partners, and get up close and personal with the horses. Send Debbie Finley an email at debbie @westpointtb.com, mention the events you wish to attend, and she can help you learn more!

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