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Why Choose West Point Thoroughbreds Racing Partnerships?

At West Point Thoroughbreds, Inc., we recognize the importance of honesty, credibility, and integrity to success in the horse racing industry. We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in all of our business relationships and racing partnerships.
We pledge to our Partners:

We also pledge to provide our horses the best training regimens available, to never knowingly put them at risk, and to provide them with the best veterinary care possible.

10 Reasons West Point Thoroughbreds Sets The Gold Standard for Racing Partnerships

1. Performance:

We win races. We compete in the best races at the leading tracks in the country. Our goal is to bring you a winning experience and allow you to own a piece of the dream.

2. Integrity:

Integrity is the foundation of our business; our morals are the reason for our longevity. We tolerate nothing less than the highest standard of ethics from our entire team.

3. Experience:

We specialize in racing partnerships and have been doing so since 1991. We have syndicated hundreds of horses and have managed equine portfolios for over 2,000 Partners. We use our experience to ensure that your horses are given the best possible opportunity to succeed

4. Communications:

We deliver up to date and accurate information to our Partners. Openness and honesty in communications is paramount to us – you will know the good and bad news. We have a full time communications director dedicated to providing all Partners with updates the day their horse has a workout, is entered, or runs. Every Partner receives a weekly portfolio status report on each of their horses. Our website is second to none with a dedicated private area for Partners.

5. Community:

West Point Thoroughbreds Partners do not simply own a Thoroughbred; they join a community of people with a similar passion for racehorses and excellence. We encourage personal involvement by inviting our Partners to attend the sales with us and visit their horses on the backstretch. We schedule conference calls with trainers, vets, and other industry insiders, hold special events, and teach you as much about this industry as you want to know.

6. Professionalism:

From top to bottom, we have a roster of experienced specialists dedicated to providing the best in every arena. Our staff has a wealth of experience in the Thoroughbred industry and includes the best trainers, jockeys, veterinarians, and blacksmiths. We treat our Partners with the utmost professionalism.

7. Comprehensive Ownership Experience:

West Point Thoroughbreds is sincerely committed helping you realize your dream. Our entire organization is designed to provide the best customer care in the Thoroughbred racing industry, combining cutting-edge technologies with personal interaction.

8. Infrastructure:

We created a corporate business model allowing for organization, transparency and checks and balances. All of our staff members have experience in the business world, creating a culture of sophistication and professional behavior.

9. Financial Disclosure:

Every dollar is accounted for and recorded. Our Chief Financial Officer is a Certified Public Accountant and we send clear and full financial disclosures to all Partners each quarter in a timely manner.

10. National Presence:

West Point Thoroughbreds offers racing partnerships across the United States so that you can watch your horses race regardless of where you live. With client representatives proximate to most of the tracks where we compete, we guarantee Partners the opportunity to have individual contact with West Point team members.