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Ticket Information for Keeneland and Kentucky Derby / Wednesday, March 31, 2021

West Point Partners at Keeneland.


Note there are no “day of” general admission purchases or ticket purchases at the gate this season, your KY license will not provide general admission access like it has in the past, and all admissions require a ticket that must be purchased in advance.

Keeneland’s website has step-by-step details to order tickets. Everything is online. There are no mail in requests.


Churchill offers 2 day packages to Oaks/Derby 4/30-5/1 at a variety of price points and seating/dining options. If you plan to attend the Derby or Oaks this year, we advise you to purchase tickets here. Reserved seating is reduced capacity. Over time, these options will become more limited.

“The Kentucky Derby Resale Exchange” is a guaranteed resale site. This is a much safer option than buying tickets off of other resale sites. 

Ticketing health and safety info 

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