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Conveying The Thrills and Excitement of Thoroughbred Racehorse Ownership / Saturday, March 30, 2019

The Kentucky Derby prep trail always generates interest among those thinking about joining the ranks of ownership.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the best way to convey to people how truly thrilling and exciting owning a racehorse can be. If you’re looking into joining a partnership, you’re pretty much guaranteed to see the same words on any company’s marketing materials – “Experience the thrills and excitement of your horse…” running down the stretch, standing in the winner’s circle, walking through the paddock, etc.

We all use those words. Experiencing thrills and excitement is not a competitive differentiator. No matter who you own a horse with or what kind of horse you own, you will experience thrills and excitement. It’s inherent to the sport.

So how do we best illustrate how thrilling it can be?

We got lucky one afternoon when one of our clients called his rep during the live running of a race and fortunately for us, went to voicemail. The result is this commercial, “Sherm’s Call,” which we believe better conveys the “thrills and excitement of ownership,” more than words on paper or text on monitor.

Every time we run that spot, we get notes in saying how much people enjoy it, so it stays in our marketing toolbox. I know how Sherm felt that day. My New-York bred racehorse Rereadthefootnotes won the 2010 Hollie Hughes stakes and the result was a new nickname for me, “Shermette”. But that is a blog for another day, and earplugs.

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