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First Look at Yearling Class of 2021 / Friday, December 10, 2021

Terry Finley with Partners at Eddie Woods' training center in Ocala.

How much they have grown, both physically and educationally, in a few months! West Point Partners got a close up look at the Yearling Class of 2021 last weekend in Ocala, Florida.

A group of about 45 WPT Partners and family members gathered for a happy hour event on Friday evening and an early Saturday visit to Eddie Woods Training Center. The fog was pretty thick as the yearling upstarts began to gallop past in waves, showing off their progress, with a few not even two months into the early training process.

For those not able to attend in person we have a video compilation here of the Eddie Woods trainees, as well as the yearlings learning the ropes nearby at Abracadabra Farm and Mayberry Farm. 

Videos from Ocala, toggle through Playlist at right. 

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